I am Brandi Brignac, President & founder of Mercy Search & Rescue.

I’d first like to say thank you for taking the time to check out our page, and for all of the support. This K9 team is truly a dream come true for me. K9 SAR is not only a passion for me, but a way to give back…bring people home…and bring closure to families. It is my honor to stand here and serve.

I (K9 Mercy), and my daughter Keelie Brignac (K9 Kash) are the two handlers on the team. Both of our K9s are certified in live track search and rescue, as well as cadaver finds. Below you will find pictures, videos of training etc…

September 29, 2:47am

As I sit here tonight, I can’t help but feel incredibly honored and blessed to be able to bless others. Whether it is with K9s, disaster response in storms, or supplies…my mission is to serve others. It is what I LIVE to do. It is a calling that I absolutely can’t explain. This rescue team is a dream come true…a combination of both effort and heart. We all have a backstory of why we do what we do…mine is personal, but I’d be honored to share my testimony with you. In 2014 my youngest son was involved in a gasoline fire. It was very possible that he may never walk again, and it was said that he may not may it depending on if infection set in. On day 18 of a 28 day pediatric burn icu stay, my son lifted his head and said “I hear them saying I’m going to die. Please promise me that you will keep helping others without me”. Those words was my sons dying wish (he thought he was going to pass), he lived…he walks…hunts…he fishes…he’s all boy. Our lives have changed tremendously since that accident, but it’s allowed me to be home with my son & have time to serve others. Everything happens for a reason, and we are out exactly where we are meant to be. I choose to see the silver linings & I thank everyone one of you for being part of our journey are we grow, amd serve even more.

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